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Horoscopical pertains to horoscopes as well as the skills and gear involved in such divination.

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VOC moon

The Moon is void-of-course or VOC after the last major aspect in a sign. This aspect sets the tone for the void period. The Moon remains void-of-course until the entry into the next sign. 

The standard advice for VOC Moons is to postpone crucial announcements, phone calls and meetings until the Moon enters the next sign. Politicians have been observed to postpone a speech until the moment the Moon enters the next sign. Look for this the next time a famous person is late to the podium. 

Void means "to come to nothing." The signs are measured from zero to thirty degrees with zero degrees starting the next sign. Each change of sign opens a new portal from zero. During the VOC, the Moon is adrift in a manner associated with the last aspect and the theme of the degrees of the sign the Moon is transiting. 

“Many contemporary astrologers pay special attention to the void-of-course Moons, regarding their influence as being on par with that of retrograde motion – meaning that these are poor periods during which to sign contracts, initiate new projects, or acquire new possessions.” - The Astrology Encyclopedia

The cadence of the signs smoothly changes in pitch. For example, the VOC moon in Scorpio tends to intensify inquiries. This can be an experimental time that stresses uncovering mysteries. The logic of the signs infers that you might want to wait until the Moon enters Sagittarius before you present any discoveries made during the VOC in Scorpio. The Sagittarius Moon has a legal, promotional and persuasive nature. As the Moon enters Sagittarius, you can present your research with the confidence that you will not be in the mood to dig up any more dirt that might make you need to revise your message. When the void-of-course Moon in Sagittarius arrives, the mood becomes candid in the expression of animal appetites. By the time the moon enters Capricorn, the state of affairs becomes more buttoned-down.

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The Tide: When the Moon transits over the water, the water rises. This is the high tide. The tide can be measured with a ruler and this measurement is ruled by the Moon. The Moon moves west and the water of the tide travels with the Moon's gravity. The rising tide calls forth a mood driven by an abundance of bodily fluids. At the low tide the juices are reduced and stronger. The Sun in alignment or opposition to the Moon has a noticable effect on the tide. 

"The Full Moon is the high tide of fluids and the New Moon the low ebb.” - H.L. Cornell, M.D.

“At the full moon, the sun, moon, and earth are in a line with each other. The sun’s pull is added to the moon’s pull, and this makes the tide somewhat higher than usual.” - The Golden Book of Astronomy 

“From his diligent researches, Johannes Kepler concluded that astrology was the study of “laws of correspondence” which seemed to exist between celestial and terrestrial phenomena and man. He was the first of his time to notice that the attraction of the Moon caused the tides in the oceans.” - Joseph F. Goodavage

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"Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night; and thus he would never know the rhythms that are at the heart of life." - Hal Borland

transit duration

Transit prediction models attempt to define patchwork sets of occurrences that the angles and planets might symbolically manifest in the material world. There are different levels of synchronicity. A generous mood is not the same thing as a generous action, though a mood can prompt an action, which then inspires a series of associated happenings. The pay-it-forward concept is an example of this.

The duration of the aspects of the transiting Moon are brief, lasting for a few hours at most. Aspects from the Sun and planets have a longer period of influence, lasting for at least a day. In general, the slower the speed of the applying planet in transit the longer the period of influence of the aspect. 

Transit Planet Theme 

Sun (authority theme) * one day of events
Moon (domesticity theme) * a few hours of fascination
Mercury (diplomacy theme) * a day or two of meaning
Venus (artistry theme) * a few days of nuance
Mars (activity theme) * a few days of impact
Jupiter (generosity theme) * a week or more of importance
Saturn (responsibility theme) * about two weeks of consequence
Uranus (revolutionary theme) * two weeks of phenomenon
Neptune (imaginary theme) * two months of illusion
Pluto (obligatory theme) * several months of regeneration - Pluto transit example: The credit crisis as Pluto entered Capricorn in late 2008.

Note: Ingresses, retrogrades, stations and larger configurations lengthen these durations. 

The first planet listed is the one applying the transit and the planet applying the aspect is the indicator of duration. 


Venus trine Jupiter - Venus is applying the transit so the transit would exert an influence for a few days.
Jupiter trine Venus - Jupiter is applying the transit so the transit would exert an influence for a week or more.

Aspect Key

conjunction = 0 degrees (being joined together)
sextile = 60 degrees (awareness of opportune position)
square = 90 degrees (issues a challenge)
trine = 120 degrees (continuous progress)
opposition = 180 degrees (difference of opinions)

“The Moon Duration of Transit Influence: Two to three hours.” - Reinhold Ebertin

"The Rule of Frequency: The frequency of the occurrence of a transit is inversely proportional to its effect.” - Bernadette Brady

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